musicThe Most Fun You Can Have While Learning Something!

Toddlers, babies, and children will absolutely love our music programs. Highlights include singing, learning notes and rhythms, playing songs on xylophones, percussion, and keyboards, dancing, hearing stories, and making friends.

Studies far and wide show that music activates several parts of the brain which enhance academic achievement in students. So why not start young? Students will come away with a bigger vocabulary, foundational math and counting skills, and an appreciation for and skills in playing music. You’ll probably be surprised at how much you love coming to the program as well.

Follow the links below to find the program that’s right for you:

Toddler Rocks!

Geared towards 3-4 year olds, Toddler Rocks builds a musical foundation, and it features learning to sing a variety of fun songs, learning real music notes, rhythms, and songs on xylophones and kids’ percussion instruments, hearing musical stories, and much more. Follow the link for more information.

Baby Rocks!

Geared towards 0-2 year olds, Baby Rocks teaches music at a critical time of development. The program features fun, simple songs designed to foster and enhance speaking skills, musical stories that enhance letter and word recognition, and light instrument instruction which help with the basics of rhythm and counting skills.

Preschool Keyschool!

Do you envision your child starting piano lessons, but want to get a taste of piano learning before they get more serious? Preschool Keyschool is an exciting and social way to get started in the world of piano. Students will learn on a class set of keyboards. Color coded keys and music notes help make the first steps easy, and will even teach parents a thing or two.